i sing joyless into the abyss

draped in dire depression
infinite in weighty sighs
the wind howling through
this labyrinth of hollow bone
pummeled by the grit of
everything i will never be
cinders of dreamspite terror
burning gray skin from
the emaciated frame of hope
falling ever farther from
the misrecollection of light
trace your fingers along
the sigils carved into the
effervescent painthistles
where the darkness burrows
into heartspasm melancholia
fracturing the catastrophic
meaninglessness of existence
into drops of radiant agony
in this ossuary of repentance
where silent misapprehension
lashes ruthlessly at the sullen
pus ridden soul of whores
and poets clinging desperately
to daydreams and defintions
they can never truly fathom

i am a maggot mindlessly
chewing into the heart of

planting seeds of ugliness
that reflect my withered

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