my poem about men being monsters and women laying eggs got me a seven day ban on facebook

i saw that and wondered why the day would begin this way

then i got an email from my daughter

an email

i wondered


they shut my phone off


depression loves little itching

my negative bank account didn’t seem to be enough


the world is poison ivy

and i am rolling without abandon

except hope

i have firmly abandoned


22 thoughts on “abandon

  1. Mmm. Being banned from FB always felt to me much akin to being spurned by a syphilitic weasel of degraded morality and negotiable virtue.
    Although such bans have always reminded me a little too uncomfortably of piles of burning books too. And as a creator of unabashedly degenerate art I worry.

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    1. yeah. It reeks of desperate attempts to enforce undefined morality from a place that is literally memes and hey look at me posts. my being upset came with the messenger ban. I actually talk to people through it.

      It may have to do with my constant referring to Zuckerberg as a human bidet. Hmmm.

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                1. i sent a message explaining there is zero hate speech in it. I’m sure the algorithm saw men are monsters and the robots that are in charge freaked out.

                  If WordPress goes that way so many pages will vanish overnight.

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