it’s not you

my depression has become
the jilted lover
as it drives by
at one in the morning
looking for another car
in the driveway
ready to slash the tires
of that damned charlatan
that dares try
and steal her man

she sends messages
during the night
asking how i am
have i watched fury road
reminding me
of the past
my ability to maintain
i don’t ignore her
she was there
when the rest
of the world
was sunshine and daffodils

but we need
to move on
there is some other
out there
in need
of her itchy
too heavy blanket
to shelter them
we can still chat
but i think it’s time
to rip the bandage off

i’ll always
remember you fondly
as the blade
to my throat
the pressure
in my chest
like chains
but i need to go
explore other places
not feel anxiety
and worthless
all the time

it’s not you
it’s me

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