welcome home

hello darkness my old friend

come in, it’s been a while, make yourself at home

wine? hungry?


of course not

was i flying too close to the sun

could you sense that i was not under your control the last couple weeks

you need me

miss me

if i didn’t know better

i would think you love me

come here, curl up around my brain stem, whisper into my ear

i’m not good enough, it’s all too much, it’ll fall apart, i break everything i touch

i know

i almost forgot for a minute

thank you

i’m better now, back to myself

nearly gave in for a second there

you’re right

you’re the only thing that has always been there for me

hold me

it’s so cold

turn off the lights and we can just stare at the ceiling together

i’m nothing

i’m sorry for turning away from you

i can feel you digging around in my stomach

you are mine

let’s just lay here


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