one day(at a lie)

he sits

head in hands as the tribulations of another day spent in the too hot, too cold embrace of depression

how do you continue to walk among the living

knowing that all you have is rot inside

how do you continue this facade of being part of society when that same society is as foreign to you as the birds and squirrels

deep breaths

tape a mask on

smile, humans smile don’t they? two muscles, aching with lack of use, pull up the corners of chapped lips

very good, you’ve got this

eye contact, hope they don’t see only death looking back

make small talk, weather, whether or not you want to, nod appropriately

you’ll be home soon

hidden away

fake it for a few more hours

you can do it

can you?

yes, yes, their day sounds horrendous, how did they ever crawl out of bed and have breakfast with an adoring family with all that inconsequential shit weighing them down

they are the real hero


you’re just an automaton, a facsimile, carbon copy, rote and design

are you still smiling?




20 thoughts on “one day(at a lie)

                  1. I believe in an afterlife but I don’t believe in eternal hell 🤔 that’s just made up from catholic religions that try to scare people into be good. Guess it’s working for you??


                    1. I don’t give a shit if sky dad thinks I’m good or not. It doesn’t affect me at all. Loki and Eris have my back. I’m far from good. Just good at it.


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