another one (drowning)

sinus pressure
cluster headache
brain infection
mental infraction
dove into
the greenish swirl
pain reliever
sleep enforcer
truth inducer
thought refuser

now i sit
weak and weary
wishing i could
just think clearly
dreams of you
run through the fog
clock hands twitching
broken gear and cog(tickticktick)

i am drowning
in a sea
of self made misery
caught in a riptide
of peptide reduction
the slow unravel
of amino discharge
endorphin famine
in this rising lake
of pitiful meanders
of regulated
self medicated
thoughts inundated
with the fluctuated
hints of oxygen starved
brain cells


i am not waving(still)
i am drowning(again)
this isn’t
a twenty one gun salute
of cap guns
in the quarry(pop pop)
but a query
of querulous quandries
twenty one embolisms
in single file
disorder(please help)

was odes to musing
on the wonder
of the muse)

is for

is a cycle
a unicycle
on an electrified
over a water tank
filled with sharks
and i am tired
off balance
the water looks inviting
about a swim

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