haiku of sadness

it is summer here
yet it is winter in me
the seasons at war

my mind in turmoil
sad for no reason at all
help quiet the noise

just filled with aching
broken by the gears of life
just fucking stop it

the whispering screams
seductive as it calls out
leaving only tears

12 thoughts on “haiku of sadness

  1. i just saw a red
    squirrel leap off of my roof
    to a maple tree.

    and i thought it’s not
    all for nothing is it? not as
    long as squirrels fly

    this is a haiku in real time to try to cheer up the haiku of sadness because…so much sadness! ❤

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            1. I find the limiting to be freeing in a way. Forces me to be more concise. I do to much freeform and get lost in the words. And I can only count to twenty one but usually someone gets mad after twenty

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