paint by sorrow

she painted the ocean with salty regret, a brush made of fingerbone and eyelashes, framed with the gilded cage in which her heart always slept as she sat alone on the couch the waters poured down her cheeks, a torrent of emotional discharge sweeping across the dark wood of the floor to pull her under […]

aproprose III

Two slices of toast. Lightly buttered. A steaming cup of coffee. A small glass of juice. He keeps eyeing his phone. Fingers twitch with need. His face emotionless. He sits rigidly in the chair. The birds still trill a song of life and light. Another car starts. Another. He sits with trembling fingers. He swipes […]


The sky was gray in ambivalence to the procession beneath. Fat drops of rain fell with abandon as the coffin was slowly lowered in the six foot hole. The world was dreary, unwelcoming to light or to color. Even the single rose, crimson petals on the dark wood, was faded in the down pour. Long […]

fifty percent chance of sorrow

the rain threatens the day with it’s acidic promise of grinding the city to a stop, precipitous falling drops of pollution the gray skies reflect the emptiness in his eyes as he wonders if they stare at him or he stares at them the polluted flecks of misery dance along his corneas, elemental reflections of […]


if i stop moving sit perfectly still the only sounds are the raven and the ceiling fan sputtering futilely there should be peace in this then tell my why the loneliness is so thick so pervasive so persuasive so my heart is fortunato this emptiness my wine cellar slowly brick by brick i erect a […]