krakatoan scar

i get a little moribund when the air is cold and the rain won’t stop fucking falling i get a little antisocial when the words choke me yet all i do is stare at the blank screen there’s this krakatoan scar across the insides of my eyelids like an afterimage of her smile you can […]

hostile solstice

the reports listed it as just another yuletide suicide another heartbreak for the holidays a mere blip on the radar of talk of peaches and tyrants an ink smear on the corner of the day a click to bait the tapping fingers of this doomed society while the festive garland is replaced with funeral shrouds […]


there is an ache a dull throbbing dancing along the left side radiating with every second no amount of tears alleviate this deep down sense of despair trying to capture smiles with a butterfly net to watch them sigh mockingly as they dissipate into heartache


the rings of saturn are melting ring rain falling on the lonely giant uv bombardment from solar flares causing the ice to melt liquid pulled into the magnetic force of number six in the planetary chain some things seem to be forever yet the trappings of eternity are as foreign a concept as emotional discourse […]

icy hands

do you feel the hands clawing up and down your pretty little soul the cold fingers scraping against the weak frail broken heart of indiscretion past the lone cry of the gulls circling the landlocked department store parking lot lost their way far from tha seas they were born to fly over been gripped so […]

biting winds of memory

rasps files graters across soft skin layer by layer exposing nervous condition bleak sorrow as saline solutions bring aching pain do you recall the sunrise when the breeze held the scent of hope the birds sang the flowers bloomed the world was in our hands do you recall the feel of fingers entwined stolen kisses […]