biting winds of memory

across soft skin
layer by layer
nervous condition
bleak sorrow
as saline solutions
bring aching pain

do you recall
the sunrise
when the breeze
held the scent
of hope
the birds sang
the flowers bloomed
the world
was in our hands

do you recall
the feel
of fingers entwined
stolen kisses
electrical touches
racing hearts
sweating palms
sweet surrender
given freely
from halted breath

now it is
the smell
of rust and pennies
shooting agony
shivering forms
huddled for warmth
from the cutting winds
of memory
in the quiet
of enforced solitude


2 thoughts on “biting winds of memory

  1. It’s always been this, some lines you use sink in so deeply it’s unsettling. I’ve not ever thought about why except thinking you’re wonderful at what you do.
    But the grating one in particular got me thinking that perhaps it’s more that the places they come from make it so because of our similarities in our past.
    Either way, you express well ❤️

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