deletion protocol

now attempting system override
//cmd: run will to live protocol
error: system incapable of processing request contact admin if issue persists

now commencing shutdown of all non-essential functions

motor control

initiate final solution

hard drive deletion imminent

commence cessation of all systems
user profile erased from mainframe

compete systemic failure in:






will to love

18 thoughts on “deletion protocol

      1. Oh I really do. PS: I can’t wait to hear your next podcast. (This time, have like four poems handy just in case… and read them a little slower, don’t rush through. Let the listener savor your glorious poetry.)

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      2. Oohhh! I see… I would have just said, well, I don’t have a dark po(y)em ready but here’s another one. Or something like that. Actually… I don’t know WHAT I would have said. You made the whole process sound so easy and natural. I’d be like… uhh… mmm… uuhhhh (long pauses).

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      3. Thank you. I was clicking titled that seemed maybe dark and wondering what the fuck I had written. I need to stop titling things, go back to (un)titled everything. Make it easier to sort through. Hahahaha

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