trails in glass

is he crying, choking on the words of sorrow, lost in reverie

do they run down his cheek as he stares at the storm, unseeing

the loss, trapped in himself, wishing it could all be different

no, it is the reflection of the rain on the glass on his face it seems

nothing more than a projection of the world, an after image is all

but let us leave him alone for a moment, not to compose himself

wondering what composes itself in his mind, what words he hears

we may never know, this moment of heartache, what is seen

as the droplets roll down his reflection, leaving trails on glass

One thought on “trails in glass

  1. Wow. This is really good. Interestingly, I was thinking something similar yesterday as the rain poured in torrents. And the rain on the windowpane brought very similar images and thought to my own mind. So thank you for writing it out. That felt… good, to read.

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