the rains

and the rainshave comeagainafter surrealceruleanuniform graythe day diesas the skycries frigid dismay. and the rainshave comeagaina day spentdriving in aself made foglost in herinstead of lostin my own defeat. and the rainshave comeagaina steady showerunable tocleanse the filthfrom a worldof dirty secretsand sultry lies. and the rainshave comeagainto soak throughmisapprehensionsgently freezingover woundsweeping poisonedblood to etch […]

darling, it’s raining

darling, it’s raining again washing away the ugly from the city to run into the drains then back to the tap to be drank and pissed into the sewers it so wanted to find darling, it’s raining again burning drops of chemical haze belched from the chimneys to settle deep in the soil so many […]


the roads are flooded across the city as the cold rains fall he is headed to the cemetery there are a million other places he would rather be not least back in bed pretending none of this exists yet he drives through muddy rivers that were dry yesterday headed to a cemetery wondering if the […]


it hasn’t stopped raining yet today as i lay here in the dark wishing you were curled up beside me the rain lulls a sense of calm even as the torrential fallings woke me from fever induced dream yet as i reach in the dark to my left nothing greets me beside the crater like […]


sitting on a curb watching the city race around me stern faces avoid eye contact i smile to make them uncomfortable silly bastards it’s overcast it’s always overcast lately better that than the never ending summer sun baking the life out of the land i stare at the x on the road where kennedy got […]


been in a windowless room all morning, stepped out to a suddenly gray rain flecked landscape it is lovely the gentle falling drops a lone bird perched on a wire sings to me as i let the rain run across my head thanks for the company little one and the song neither of us smart […]

sunshine and rain

her lips beckon in the corner of dream, to sneak kisses by slipping down an uncrowded side street in a crowded city the way they curl into a smile that makes the sun dim slightly when the full radiance is shone on the world itself the rains had come for the third day straight, yet […]

she swirls

she swirls in a long black dress through the rain sending droplets in her wake her bare feet glide upon the water ripples spread out a web of waves pulling me in her every step a masterpiece her body saying the words no lip nor tongue could ever utter spellbound drawn ever deeper into her […]

sometimes it feels like

autumn rain is like waking up during surgery staring at the operating lights as they dig around in your chest to remove a tumor it seems endless as you blink black dots paralyzed and numb winter rain is like dying on the table and finding out you still have bills to pay

sodden denials

how long has it been since i’ve seen the sun is it weeks now the sky opened and let loose the rains and i cannot tell any longer if it is a reflection of me or if i am a reflection of it when was the last time any of this felt worth it that […]

trails in glass

is he crying, choking on the words of sorrow, lost in reverie do they run down his cheek as he stares at the storm, unseeing the loss, trapped in himself, wishing it could all be different no, it is the reflection of the rain on the glass on his face it seems nothing more than […]

fall heavy

it’s raining thunder rumbles outside and i sit with coffee and stare at it my mind sees none of it though inside i toil along with the raging storms a hurricane of my own brain lightning flashes leaving a purple after glow and still my eyes see nothing the coffee grows cold in the mug […]