the roads are flooded across the city as the cold rains fall he is headed to the cemetery there are a million other places he would rather be not least back in bed pretending none of this exists yet he drives through muddy rivers that were dry yesterday headed to a cemetery wondering if the […]


it hasn’t stopped raining yet today as i lay here in the dark wishing you were curled up beside me the rain lulls a sense of calm even as the torrential fallings woke me from fever induced dream yet as i reach in the dark to my left nothing greets me beside the crater like […]


sitting on a curb watching the city race around me stern faces avoid eye contact i smile to make them uncomfortable silly bastards it’s overcast it’s always overcast lately better that than the never ending summer sun baking the life out of the land i stare at the x on the road where kennedy got […]


been in a windowless room all morning, stepped out to a suddenly gray rain flecked landscape it is lovely the gentle falling drops a lone bird perched on a wire sings to me as i let the rain run across my head thanks for the company little one and the song neither of us smart […]

sunshine and rain

her lips beckon in the corner of dream, to sneak kisses by slipping down an uncrowded side street in a crowded city the way they curl into a smile that makes the sun dim slightly when the full radiance is shone on the world itself the rains had come for the third day straight, yet […]