sometimes it feels like

autumn rain
is like waking up
during surgery

staring at the operating lights as they dig around in your chest to remove a tumor

it seems endless
as you blink black dots
paralyzed and numb

winter rain
is like
dying on the table

and finding out you still have bills to pay

8 thoughts on “sometimes it feels like

    1. feel free. This was one of those I’m still awake at two in the morning and my brain won’t stop until I write more. I know it is abstract but it feels right to me.


      1. Autumn rain and morning dew
        Clothe reds, yellows, and oranges
        It’s like waking up in a fairy tale
        On a rainbow or in a sunset

        Staring out the window under a warm blanket contemplating the beauty of change

        It seems endless
        Serene, hypnotic
        Can’t look away from the sea of color

        On its heels is the winter snow
        The white enchantress
        Quiet temptation

        It’s like waking up
        And discovering a brand-new world exists

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