by inches, a poet dies

there won’t be a twenty one gun salute no solemn procession as my body is presented to the masses clamoring for one last look at the fool before the eternal flame sputters out leaving a greasy stain on the cheap wooden cross no fanfare or papal smoke rising from the vatican to signal the coming […]


every step across the charred ground is a feat born of agony the lancing pain erupts travels at the speed of light from the stab wound in my thigh to brain overworked from too much stimuli everything smolders that isn’t outright burning still the sky is choked by noxious clouds i believe i may be […]


i heard the tick tock circling three sixty the vessel rocked on the stormy seas of realization the tick tock grows closer closer closer one day we all wake up tick tock tick tock we used to soar crow like a rooster swordfight the evil adults of contemporary disillusion then we awaken to the steady […]

past lives

the me i was moments ago died to allow me to be the person i am now i worry he died in vain did he take the coward’s way out to avoid the pain of life as this version fades in the dull ache as well i feel envious if there were a way to […]

sometimes it feels like

autumn rain is like waking up during surgery staring at the operating lights as they dig around in your chest to remove a tumor it seems endless as you blink black dots paralyzed and numb winter rain is like dying on the table and finding out you still have bills to pay


i came to the realization today the wide open eye, breath choking in my throat, sweaty palm conclusion i’m dying it’s fine i’ve accepted it one of these days instead of angrily opening my eyes and muttering a hearty fuck you to an uncaring world i just won’t the poems will stop everything else will […]


woke up puking blood in a crimson rain that reminds me of you spit a tooth into the sink as i washed the sleep from my eyes one popped out i’m not falling apart repeating this to myself as i sew my arm back on and hope this to isn’t me i’m not sick put […]

exceptional charade

the world was killing her incrementally day by day a little at a time carving off little bits of her and it killed me to watch it occur standing by helplessly wishing to help to hold her to let her know it would all be alright but i couldn’t lie to her hell i found […]

under the yellow lights

he stood smoking lighting one off the smoldering butt of the last yellow stained fingers rasping cough looking at the street lights but not seeing them wine stains on the front of his wrinkled shirt he is wobbly absently tapping his fingers on his pocket staring into the lights he doesn’t see she died two […]

impossible ossicles

running at full speed in circles getting dizzy from gravitational fluctuations playing havok with my ossicles no sense of direction meandering steady onward though ever forward steadily on to my demise whenever i have a flight coming up i am stricken by the thought this is the time the gremlin on the wing throws a […]


she was shriveled once so strong and imposing one look and you stood straighter and minded your manners now she was half the size a quarter of the weight all loose skin and wires the room smelled like shit from the bag half hanging off the bed a clear tube with brown piss oozing into […]

gravity is exclusionary

awoke on a desert island on a mountain top in a cave at the bottom of the ocean lying in a crater on the moon perched on a branch in the rainforest and in a box six feet deep and steady sinking lower my stomach drops as my head floats in a stupor more aloof […]


tightness in my chest my lips feel numb my left arm is tingling dizzy sweating can’t catch my breath am i live writing a poem about having a heart attack or is this stress induced barely slept kept waking acid reflux all night long i just want to lay down and sleep but another nine […]