i heard the
tick tock
circling three sixty
the vessel rocked
on the stormy seas
of realization
the tick tock grows

one day
we all wake up

tick tock
tick tock

we used
to soar
like a rooster
the evil adults
of contemporary

then we
to the steady hands
of the clock
tick tick ticking
towards a bed
of earthen rest

i don’t remember
the day i became
captain hook

one day
i was a lost boy
like all the others

i had the scars
of a lifetime
of battles
a rusted curved cup
over the stump
of fantasy
tipped with a sharp curve
that shreds through
the end of daydream

now the alligator
in the briney deep

tick tock
tick tock

another sprinkle
of pixie dust
let me fly
once more
instead of standing
at the bow of a ship
steadily sinking
into forever
to be lost
with all the wrecks
that litter
the ocean bottom

neverland just another island fading from sight

tick tock
tick tock



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