tightness in my chest

my lips feel numb

my left arm is tingling



can’t catch my breath

am i live writing a poem about having a heart attack

or is this stress induced

barely slept

kept waking

acid reflux all night long

i just want to lay down and sleep but another nine hours in this warehouse

if i don’t drop dead of a panic attack

or blow a gasket from stress

don’t let me die in a port a potty

though it would be fitting

just another piece of shit floating

if i die tell her that i loved her

hopefully she’ll know who she is

and my kids to stay strong

and my exes i miss them

and my almosts it was close

but mostly

i love you

for reading my stuff and pretending to like it

first thing i’m doing when i get to hell is french kissing the devil

letting him know he’s my bitch

i’ve got plans

renovations in mind

i’m gonna nap

here on the grate

try not to die

just wish i would

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