a chapter is closing what lies on the next page what new adventure lies ready to be scrawled in the shaky handwriting of fate does the fool finally find the new dawn he has searched for frantically as the road in front of him proved to be filled with tiger traps as he sits watching […]

effortlessly cast shadows

feel like i don’t write poetry, just scribble in the margins of your masterpieces, unable to capture the same lightning in a bottle toy exude effortlessly everyone can see me as the fraud i am, the fool playing at poet, sloppily painting in the stencils you lay on the page my emotional tantrums are ripples […]


the sheets smell clean, like lilacs and lavender, but i would give anything, for them to smell like you again the milk has gone bad, yellowish fluid, curdled remnants floating in the tainted liquid of yesterday’s fond regrets took the remaining paints and poured them all together, it looked like a wet dream in circular […]

(no more)chasing

it has rained for two days straight it seems to have been enough to finally rinse your scent from my nose no more baying after you chasing after what doesn’t want to be caught the hunt is over might as well try and catch ghosts as pursue something that was never there except in dreams


it is too quiet too empty too lonely today this afternoon has been dreams of naps of need a lacking a failing a burning my soul aches love is a pyramid scheme the question is how to stack the blocks

of cages and cuts

feeling caged need company or conversation or maybe just a freshly sharpened blade shear the sheep fleece the flock the walls are closing closing closing in again can you hear that just then hello is there anyone in here the bars have been greased no climbing from this cage a whetstone an ivory bone the […]


he told me he used to fly a pilot in the war the hurt in his eyes stopped me from asking which war his eyes were rheumy his fingers like gnarled roots but the look on his face showed he still flew if only in his mind

(un)titled thought VIII

i’m missing in action a casualty of causality lost in this crowded empty room just me myself hatred and i alone i am an erroneously anxiety overridden apostle of apocalyptical insignificance and i am so tired so very tired

artless crafts

i never sought absolution for the sin of being me choosing artless crafting instead just another piece of paper on my paper maché heart and that may be where the problem lies in the indifference of unspeakable truth just a mishmash of used post it notes with your name written in various scribbles random splashes […]


flipping the channels on my non-existent cable package not even sure the television is on been watching a documentary about a man living with manic depression, it is so sad, daydreaming that he sits on the couch smoking weed all day, he writes nonsense and yearns to drink himself to sleep, he is teetering at […]


i try and make love to words because of all the lovers i have ever had the words were always the best and no matter how they cut they never actually tried to kill me i worry one day that they will leave me as well, like every other lover who has seen the real […]


i don’t care anymore she is a myth, a manifestation of my sorrow and loneliness she can fuck right off along with the rest of the world checking out stop the ride i want off i’m sorry but i’m not just done with it all thanks for all the nothing trapped within a glacier of […]

she knows

she is my cleopatra the queen of denial, the lily of my mind’s eye i would erect the pyramids for her to give her shade, reroute the river water for her to bathe break my back to make her dreams come true i think she knows it she is my marie antoinette my luscious croissant […]

one last (re)quest

i was barefoot walking through a garden of carnivorous plants their pollen was intoxicating and i barely felt the stinging bites as they slowly consumed me piles of sun bleached bones barely a tendon withered and dried remained on i traverse inexorably drawn deeper in until the sun is blocked by the canopy of leaves […]

belabored day

where troubles melt like lemon drops high above the chimney tops, that’s where you’ll find me clenched up in a ball ice picks behind my eyes tears streaming freely down my cheeks somewhere under the pavement that’s where they’ll eventually find me the left over bits of nothingness that once made up a man trash […]

full circle

mint flavored ridicule and almond smelling kisses the steady iv drip of saline solutions and serendipitous rainbows comatose copulations and salutations rinse the stained sheets of teenage secretions wet dreams at the dry cleaners milk shakes and ipecac soda fountains focus on your focus to weed out the weakness of rabid earthworms and tentacled terrors […]

horse flies

i sat on the concrete it was only nine in the morning but it was already hot enough to fry an egg i’ll never get used to that when it is ninety five degrees at three in the morning or nearly one hundred degress at nine the world hasn’t even started spinning at this hour […]

dream catcher

she bought me a dream catcher to hang over the bed the bed she laid in with me it was her going away present to me i didn’t know she was taking a trip so i hung it over the head board right above where she used to grab and shake it until it seemed […]


tightness in my chest my lips feel numb my left arm is tingling dizzy sweating can’t catch my breath am i live writing a poem about having a heart attack or is this stress induced barely slept kept waking acid reflux all night long i just want to lay down and sleep but another nine […]