one last (re)quest

i was barefoot

walking through a garden of carnivorous plants

their pollen was intoxicating and i barely felt the stinging bites as they slowly consumed me

piles of sun bleached bones

barely a tendon withered and dried remained

on i traverse

inexorably drawn deeper in until the sun is blocked by the canopy of leaves

were the colors really so vivid

or was this an after effect of the mist that hung so heavily

the cloying perfume of death and overly sweet promises of sleep

i could lay down and pass out

happily unaware of the tendrils slowly entering the thousands of cuts that covered my legs and feet

there was no pain

just salvation

there was no fear

just relief

i saw you there

smiling and beckoning me to follow the path

ignore the remnants littered about

those were lesser men you whispered

no words softly whispered

just a pheromone trail

a hovering spore that pulled me like a cartoon dog through the air

we both know how this ill advised galavant ends

you feasting on my steaming blood

and me begging for more until the final breath leaves my body

but for now i will enjoy the pretty flowers

and move steadily on

only a fool goes to an uncertain death with certainty

i am a fool in a jungle of hunger

an unarmed hunter on the trail of game

a masochist in search of pain

the eternal romantic

hopeless in spite of himself

in need of a strong drink to counter act the venom coursing through my veins

a swift kick to strike sense into my vacant head

and one last kiss before it all fades away

the barefoot knight in need of one last dragon to slay

to save the princess

rescue the fair maiden

vanquish the evil sorcerer and bring peace to the land

more likely to drown in a foot of water

weighed down by the hubris tied around my neck like a mighty boulder

the chains of duty hang heavier than the wings of freedom

and i am so very tired

so weary from the lashing leaves and flashing fangs hidden in the blossoms of age

so very weary indeed

maybe i will just stop for a moment

rest my sore head

let the vines wrap themselves around me and pull the flesh from my leaden limbs

breathe deeply the poisonous stench

with my final breath blow a kiss into the wind

hope it reaches



synonymous in my tired mind

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