farewell to the darkness resting in my mind

to the writhing agony that pervades every movement

to the things i dreamt of in the quiet moments

the echos of more subsonic insubstantial simperings

subtly vanishing into the shadows

a flash of light

a cloud of smoke

drift into the reflection of future incomprehension

the lone soldier fighting a war he doesn’t grasp

a quantum mechanic spinning threads of disobedient truth into a void of dismissive congruence

a single flame burning out the oxidation of truant malaise

into the sunset

rusted injustice

gravitational waves

insidious cross hatching detailing cave drawings and abstract designer fragrances

blood orange moon beams

gratuitous grammatical incongruence

cryptozoology waking nightmares

flesh horned unicorn syndrome

detrimental detours of designated dissonance

starlight serenade

alternate stratum

inconvenient ignorance

extravagant excuses eeked out into the aether

reticent reactions

another plane, plain and anonymous

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