a hush filled night breaks day

the time just before dawn when the world is still slumbering the moon hangs in pale white dominion the stars shine like gems long carved from the ebon sky this is the time to reminisce to fall back into the fleeting wakeful dream of memory where the walls of the veil are thinnest between what […]

hawk takes tortoise

felt like a hawk plummetting through the darker emotions earlier todau swore to myself i would leave them to rot with the other fetid corpses littering the ground but depression is like a tortoise trundling across an empty field sometimes before you know it you’ve got it in your talons and the damned thing looks […]

(just a) thought

they say depression despondency sorrow cause the sufferer to find solace wherever they can sometimes it manifests in taking long showers to feel warmth to make up for the lack of human contact i just ran the hot water out yet still didn’t want to get out seems like psychobabble to me just a thought


we are only given so many seconds in this life i’ve spent too many pondering love too few on the sunrise and probably just the right amount on wombats so there is that to be proud of i suppose


i think about death a lot too much my death not suicide though if i had a nickel for everytime that though had occured i could pay for therapy and a bottle of pills that would stop the incessant erections and thoughts about i think about death a lot not sure how you quantify a […]


farewell to the darkness resting in my mind to the writhing agony that pervades every movement to the things i dreamt of in the quiet moments the echos of more subsonic insubstantial simperings subtly vanishing into the shadows a flash of light a cloud of smoke drift into the reflection of future incomprehension the lone […]