woke up puking blood in a crimson rain that reminds me of you
spit a tooth into the sink
as i washed the sleep from my eyes one popped out
i’m not falling apart
repeating this to myself as i sew my arm back on and hope
this to isn’t me
i’m not sick
put my liver in a cooler for reinsertion later
where did i leave my pants
fuck it going commando
a tube of super glue and an ace bandage will have to do
you don’t need a soul to exist
you don’t need a heart to go through the basics of day to day life
just a quart of formaldehyde and a winning fake smile
i never told you how i felt so you never had to avoid me
i didn’t see a doctor
because by then it was already too late
sleep in an ice machine
date a seamstress with a macabre sense of style
sew me back together
no need for perfection
just enough to make do
then when you kick me down the stairs
and out of your life
no one will see the damage inflicted
you can hurt me
i don’t mind
in fact
i insist
just don’t say you love me
i might not survive
your arsenic kisses are just the thing
to jump start this ragged mess
make me your corpse lover
i’ll make you my dream
stitch me into whatever you need to make it through the day
then chop me up
and store me away

3 thoughts on “stitch

  1. “Make me your corpse lover I ll make you my dream
    Stitch me into whatever you need to make it through the day then chop me up and store me away”
    What can I say just wow!

    Liked by 1 person

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