desperate lines, desperate measures

we need to silence the poet

end the inane drinking of his words

slay the fool before he speaks again

cut him down where he lies

we need to silence the liar

the con man spinning yarns

the contemptuous snake oil salesman

end his misery

i’m tired of hearing him whine

his voice grates on me

his insipid lines of wishful thinking

we need to silence him

the gutter minstrel

end his miserable existence

we will all breathe a sigh of relief

and in that moment if peaceful pondering

in which he stops his caterwauling

breathe deep the clean air of hopeful intent

duct tape his mouth shut

snip the fingers from his left hand

quiet the fool that fools no one

throw a parade for all the insipidness returned to the universe

just end his ability to write with more ability

silence the poet

and then we feast on his remains

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