finalmente una fine

there are cracks in my facade where the real me pours out like the antithesis of light(the dark spatter of gray matter braised and battered by aloofly affluent chefs fool tartar with lemongrass clippings on a bed marinated in the finest longing)beams of razored emptiness in the porcelain mask painted smile flaking to the floor(the […]

and thus the angel weeps

the angel weeps her stone face frozen in perpetual sorrow as the gnarled branches of the tree dance across granite skin for in her tears shed in anguish for the folly of mankind none shall see the doom that lies resting gently upon her tongue beware the gaze of the angel for in her eyes […]


i wore a sandwich board that reads the end has come and gone this is the after party the aftermath after mass has reached critical levels tipped the scales it is all downhell from here no one cared so i set myself on fire feeding undifference with indifference unvisible in the invisible light of the […]


i search in this ending for signs of a new beginning not that i want a beginning i just want this ending to be an end because i don’t know if i can handle a fresh start


it might have been the end of the world or the end of the road or the end of the block who can tell when the wildflowers fill your head her voice fills your skull and nothing else matters at all

desperate lines, desperate measures

we need to silence the poet end the inane drinking of his words slay the fool before he speaks again cut him down where he lies we need to silence the liar the con man spinning yarns the contemptuous snake oil salesman end his misery i’m tired of hearing him whine his voice grates on […]


the earth shudders beneath my feet the building trembles and the oceans seem to pull themselves as far from shore as possible in an instant calm falls all falls silent a pressure seems to be mounting can feel my heartbeat in my ears the reverberation sets off alarms panic rises and the air feels thick […]