i am brittle at the edges fragile this morning feeling like any sudden move will make me fall apart in this quiet apartment understanding what exactly apart means in dire need of you, my love


woke up puking blood in a crimson rain that reminds me of you spit a tooth into the sink as i washed the sleep from my eyes one popped out i’m not falling apart repeating this to myself as i sew my arm back on and hope this to isn’t me i’m not sick put […]

yet no sound is whispered from now broken lips

the words are taking on new shapes and singing in a different tone where once there was hope and security now lies the pitious bones of a former skeletal haze the earth is marred by clumsy handfuls flung in furious motion a grave in the place of a flower bed the sweet scent of honeysuckle […]

i just need some brains

i’ve got a gurgling in my guts an ache in my neck jackhammers going off in my skull i’ve got an emptiness in my chest that no amount of drugs can ever fill a hollow place that keeps getting bigger just string up caution tape and hope no one falls in it’s a bottomless pit […]

there’s nothing attractive about a man in midst of crisis

it’s starting again that feeling of racing a million miles an hour into a brick wall incessant mumbling in the back of my head it’s hot outside it’s hell in here the walls are bleeding it falls in thick globs onto the carpet black clouds of flies feasting occasionally taking on human form whispering dark […]