i just need some brains

i’ve got a gurgling in my guts

an ache in my neck

jackhammers going off in my skull

i’ve got an emptiness in my chest that no amount of drugs can ever fill

a hollow place that keeps getting bigger

just string up caution tape and hope no one falls in

it’s a bottomless pit

got a fridge full of food and a craving i can’t satisfy

got a gurgling in my guts

and an ache in my knee

needles poking the back of my eyes

got a pit in my stomach

an ache in my chest

my left arm is tingling like low voltage is traveling through

got a hole inside me no drink can quench

and i’ve got a powerful thirst

can feel the tickle where my soul used to sit

traded it for a book of matches and a can of kerosene

gonna burn this whole place down let the flames lick my toes

roast myself in the egregious flames of yesterday

i’m a black hole my darling

just a pit of despair

but my innards keep on going

no matter how i try to poison them

just a rooting tooting rotting zombie

rambling around this place

rattling bones in a sack of sagging flesh

i’m a zombie baby

i just need some brains

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