impossible ossicles

running at full speed in circles

getting dizzy from gravitational fluctuations playing havok with my ossicles

no sense of direction

meandering steady onward though

ever forward

steadily on to my demise

whenever i have a flight coming up i am stricken by the thought this is the time the gremlin on the wing throws a wrench into the engine

i fixate on this idea

have i drank enough water

is the liquid suspending the little bones in my ear dried up

the ossicles sitting in a pool of rememberance

or is that just me

i’m going to travel through time tomorrow

got my bags packed

they’ll put me in a kennel under the wing suspended by speaker wire

i’m dizzy

got to stay hydrated for the steep plummet out of the clouds

i want to be able to scream the entire way

shouting i love you into the gale force winds as i’m bounced like a pinball from cloud to cloud to tree top to mountainside

howling like a lunatic until


someone set a bucket of water out

i’ve been meaning to try this trick out

saw it on a cartoon

it’s going to be great

no ripple

no splash

tens across the bored

until then i’ll keep running in circles

hoping i reach fatal velocity and your face is the last thing i see before sending a hole in time space

flinging myself back in time

to whisper your name into my preadolescent ear

so i have something to finally look forward to

something to screw up years down the line

i do love you

do you know it

is there a piece of you that can sense it in the air

like pollen

when you take a deep breath and pull it inside you

the dastardly villain in texas with eyes for only you

when they scrape me off the concrete

inches away from the bucket

tiny little ossicles still vibrating into the aether

if they listen closely

they’ll hear your name

the poet illiterate and his dream girl

forever separate

except in his vacant mind of circular logic

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