a cranky fool


writhing in impotent rage

the footprints of a million dying dreams driven into my broken spine

gnashing my teeth

swinging my fists like twenty pound sledge hammers at any movement around me

chewing broken glass to savor the taste of incidental ulcerous contussions

feel as if i’ve been skinned and laid out as the world’s ugliest rug too close to the fireplace and popping embers keep landing on my back

i’ve always tried to find the bright side but lately the other side of the pillow is lava

i need release

to be released

this mortal coil is insufferable and laced with spikes of stupidity

i’m sick of it

when i was a kid

in the dark ages

we just worried about the cats being witches familiars

now the witches use ignorance to cause instability and tear down infrastructures

when i was a kid we ignored the rumblings saying the mountain was about to explode

ignore the belching clouds of black smoke

it’s nothing to be alarmed about

my proven track record of ruining everything around me isn’t as quaint and cute as i like to pretend

i like to live in make believe lands of toxic air and rancid waterways

look kids, when the light from the overseer blimp hits the raw sewage just right it makes a rainbow

now let’s catch rats for stew, whoever catches the most gets to crush them with the bashing stone

you bastards can have my skin and organs

jokes on you

i’ve scarred and damaged it all to the point i am most likely not getting the deposit back

i’ll happily flail about in the bubbling tar pits until i sink beneath the surface

one day the new dominant species will find my well preserved corpse and tell horror stories around campfires about it

and then as she got home, all she saw was a hook in the roof of her low orbital vehicle

flashlights under chins and horrified screams in octaves human ears cannot register

when i was kid we only worried about sabre tooth tigers and the occasional meteor

painted our caves and lived in fear of the sky

like normal people

now it is a constant string of steadily increasing detriments cascading like some giant finger pushed the domino to see what would happen and kicked off a chain reaction that threatens mental stability across the universe

or maybe it’s just my world falling apart

who can tell

i’m just going to sit here and strum the lyre as the barber puts leeches onto my skull to suck out the demons

drain the bad humors from arterial dissidence

bleed me out

i wasn’t using it anyway

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