category 13

it began last night a wave of dissonance i tried to ignore a flutter rushing along my brittle surrender a warping swept along my tired the iron bands tightening now the world exists in static bursts nettles flaring from stem to stern and all i want is to lay my head on your lap and […]


starting a fire in my igloo hoping to either melt down the walls or suffocate from the smoke. self isolation is a sort of paradise enforced isolation is a hell with no sound. i am the desert a desolate ocean where dreams go to languish baked under an indifferent sun.


dissociating sounds so(enticing) can someone pass me a torch and possibly a ladder to climb out of my mind teach me the tricks of houdini without the futility of trying to contact the dead shed these chains slip free of this burlap sack of incidentals suffocating me let me(dissociate) the anxiety detach from this sense […]

only thing

the only thing worse than a failed philosopher is an insipid fool with poetic leanings that is also simply a failed philosopher his snapshots of emotional perils out of frame of reference tearstreak filters in anemic lens flare details blurred or obscured by his clumsy thumbs the only thing worse than a poet with his […]

downward dog, inward loathing

it is takingmy everyounce ofwillpowernot to tearthosefuckingwind chimesdown and smashthem to bitswhile screaminginchoatelyto the emptyheavenson the neverending winds. my headis packed withmeth addledmutantsfiring neonrocket launcherswhile scrapingkniveson dinnerwareand chewingwith theirmouths agapeflecks ofhalf chewedmeatfly as theybemoan anothereternityin my hell. too soreto sleeptoo tiredto writetoo lostto everhope to befound. and stilltheyclangendlesslya soundthattypicallyfills mewithhappinessbut nowjust mocksmy impossiblyvast fieldof thunderoushoovestreadingcarelesslyoverexposed […]


i had finally found a position, head just so, body angled, foot tapping along with the stabbing in my skull, my body tuned to the exact shape needed to lessen the agony that sweeps in waves with every accidental breath too heavy or impatient blink of the eye if i believed it would help i […]


i woke in the middle of the night to see the wispy image of a woman staring down at me from the ceiling her features were familiar her eyes rained pure hatred in waves that seemed to contort ferally as she whispered my every failing into the solemn dark the rust dried, a trail running […]


the shadows play across the ceiling as i spend night whatever in a row unable to sleep even as my vision grows blurry this pounding in my skull is a nonrefundable debt to the universe for services not yet rendered have you ever felt like maybe it was the end of the world and that […]


outside the window in the cool autumn rain they seem to stand just on the other side of tempered glass revving the engines of the unnecessary lawn implements just pulling the throttle in the living room six fans dehumidifier roar like a swarm of angry locusts in a holding pattern my own personal white noise […]

cluster doubt

you hear my words expounding upon my perception on your perfection, yet it sounds like more of the same inane banal nonsense of the pursuer desperately chasing a girl if there were a way to invent a new language one in which the subtly that has been lost in the groan inducing ones we use […]

a cranky fool

cantankerous writhing in impotent rage the footprints of a million dying dreams driven into my broken spine gnashing my teeth swinging my fists like twenty pound sledge hammers at any movement around me chewing broken glass to savor the taste of incidental ulcerous contussions feel as if i’ve been skinned and laid out as the […]