the shadows play across the ceiling as i spend night whatever in a row unable to sleep even as my vision grows blurry

this pounding in my skull is a nonrefundable debt to the universe for services not yet rendered

have you ever felt like maybe it was the end of the world and that knowledge came with a sense of contentment

why do i see your face in the ceiling, as if somewhere you would waste a moment’s thought on me

still the shadows play on as i curse whichever god i offended this time, forgive the sins of the poor idiot poet, he knows nothing

turn the other cheek or at least do me the common courtesy of washing your hands before striking me down

repeat the mantra, offset breathing, don’t think about her, don’t think period, try not to think about not thinking

ignore the faerie lights, they just want to milk your seed and leave a husk in the alleyway, again and again like a skipping record

the door is unlocked, i am in here nude and wide awake, maybe we both need to exorcize some demons before we can sleep

the shadows dance as sleep sits just out of reach, mocking me with an out of tune lullaby and the scent of wilted flowers


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