loneliness in the swarm of flesh

i was sitting on the bench the same bench i always find myself sitting on when the sleep won’t come but the tired lays across my lap like a fuzzy blanket there was a star twinkling above that seems to pulse and blink along with the pieces of coherence that sifted through the collander of […]


most meals are simply consumed in the foolish need to remain among the living basic things of necessity there is nothing as sad as a bachelor meal of bland robotic repetition some nights i would prefer to be dead than rattle my chains as a shade of someone real existing is a poor showing of […]


the shadows play across the ceiling as i spend night whatever in a row unable to sleep even as my vision grows blurry this pounding in my skull is a nonrefundable debt to the universe for services not yet rendered have you ever felt like maybe it was the end of the world and that […]

of cages and cuts

feeling caged need company or conversation or maybe just a freshly sharpened blade shear the sheep fleece the flock the walls are closing closing closing in again can you hear that just then hello is there anyone in here the bars have been greased no climbing from this cage a whetstone an ivory bone the […]

dead men and whores

drove to the cemetery today needed to get out of the house i didn’t intend to go to a cemetery just started driving that is where i ended up said hello to clyde barrow he didn’t say anything back which is probably a good thing if he had i don’t know what i would have […]

One Week with No Mona

“Good morning Mona!” “—” “Oh yeah. Another week until you’re back from vacation.” “—” “This sucks.” “—” “Sometimes I question everything. Like why do I even bother. My only healthy relationship is here with you. And it is antagonistic. My life is empty. Devoid of any meaning except regaling you with stories from a better […]

“P.O.S -“Faded” and a haiku stack

walking alone outside headphones in, try not to scowl bass rattles my skull steph raps to my soul as my hand reached out for yours but you are not here he pleads he needs more i feel the words echo deep hit repeat and zone lips move silently is this reality or another bad dream […]

deal me in

the security guards play penny poker in the shack i walk through every morning asking me to stay in town instead of heading out next week funny how the ladies get so talkative in the morning and ask a million questions from a face they see for thirty seconds a day incrementally staving off the […]

still carry a beeper (metaphorically at least)

feel more eyes upon me daily unblinking orbs all around speak to me please i’m no boogeyman’s apprentice not a creature to be feared just don’t make eye contact known to give myself away for a few moments of interconnected ocular gazing so many new faces i’ve yet to see to caress gently with words […]

none more honest than a whore

when i was young i used go down to rush street and talk to the whores this was before they cleaned up rush street and put a house of blues there it was a dirty little street filled with equally dirty whores that stood on the sidewalk in plastic looking miniskirts and long boots they […]


jagged broken teeth glass covers everything like glitter after a stripper shakes her head over your lap save the mosquitos, nuke the whales, there is a feral cat epidemic like an anti bubonic plague you are my albatross, my sign of land, my lonely flying friend flotsam and jetsam and ambergris, floating whale vomit that […]

tu vas me manquer

allow me my honesty stepping out methodically it’s just the beast in me cut off from reality awash with insanity a past of poverty flash frozen rigidity of what is and what will never be trying to sell my soul for recreational use, the wear and tear and all the abuse, the setting sun seems […]

doesn’t matter to me either

and i just stood in the shower the water washing the sweat and dirt from my tired body my head against the cool tile of the wall bah doesn’t matter to the kittens stalking prey in the talk grass outside doesn’t matter to me either my mind near shutting off as the streams bombarded my […]

belabored day

where troubles melt like lemon drops high above the chimney tops, that’s where you’ll find me clenched up in a ball ice picks behind my eyes tears streaming freely down my cheeks somewhere under the pavement that’s where they’ll eventually find me the left over bits of nothingness that once made up a man trash […]


willingly of my own volition i raise the dagger and plunge it into my own chest sacrificing of myself giving this unholy torment scraping my own hands across the jagged broken pieces of my mind heart soul to the four winds i cry out the waters above and below separated by the twisted hands of […]


and i heard hear say crying from the wooded path you can’t help me no one can and i lifted the branches from under which she hid and told her i can’t help anyone she looked at me and i looked back both of us lost falling apart and she smiled well that’s a start […]

apart a part

the onyx velvet dappled with diamonds above me, the orange of the dashboard lights, the calming sound of hardcore punk followed by japanese synth jazz, cyber punk and serene, methodically mythological missives floating in the air around my head the smell of grease and salt, golden arches a blur as i speed by, the overloud […]

blinking lights 3

she stared at my blinking lights in confusion what are these either my phone or my heart is running low you don’t know no do you i’ve never seen those before i thought that all of us had them not me then you’re not defective i feel defective they install then in the ones that […]

dream catcher

she bought me a dream catcher to hang over the bed the bed she laid in with me it was her going away present to me i didn’t know she was taking a trip so i hung it over the head board right above where she used to grab and shake it until it seemed […]

blinking lights

phone’s going dead little red lights blinking think it may be connected to my heart the voltage slowly leaking i don’t know what’s left to say so fuck it fade away i don’t know what’s left to write sailing on through the night the little red lights blinking says the dreams are getting weak tossing […]

not too broke for kisses

i’m broke like broke broke the last job didn’t pay for the last two weeks of work and expected i would hang around patiently patience is a virgin and i haven’t been one of those in a long time from my first taste of that sweet bud i knew i was hooked before then i […]

binary bard and the digital sorrow

he never considered himself a writer or poet or scribe always felt his words to be wasted compared to others especially hers a gifted beauty with a silver tongue but others saw him as a binary bard wandering the ones and zeros that comprised his world he gave his paltry soul to the aether spitting […]

i need a shower

i prefer a warm shower just slightly south of hot just slightly north of cold warm a goldilocks shower but in texas it gets so hot you never really get cold water during the summer the water from the tap is tepid at best the city sends out reports and like to brag that there […]

unfortune cookie

found a fortune cookie in the cupboard while searching for something to quell the savage rumbling i had been attempting to ignore been in bed all day reading couldn’t fathom a single reason to rise nor shine like a thick cloud layer over suburban splendor more aptly smog over an urban death zone just another […]

like plucking roses from a grave site

the kids are gone toilet is broken the rubber stopper broke free of the plastic doohickey took four allergy pills half dozen aspirin stomach filled with popcorn head filled with cotton not enough booze to silence the thoughts in my head shaved my head today after dropping off the kids figured why not at best […]

not from around here

in my frustration and impotent rage it dawned on me maybe i am not of this world it makes the almost herculean effort required to fit in come into frame am i a demon sent from the bowels of hell itself given form as that of mortal man but with a more nefarious purpose did […]

dinner for one

standing in the kitchen panfrying breaded pork chops pookie baby blaring through the apartment oil pops in the pan and maybe a shirt was a good idea baggy boxers and pushed down black socks with a hole large enough for an errant big toe to slip out beat an egg with hot sauce and milk […]

her, again

tell her if i could do anything it would be just to lay there and hold her we would talk about our day and i would just run my fingers over her bare shoulder play connect the dots with her freckles while the sunlight dances on her skin close my eyes as her aura cleanses […]

high, words

it starts with a heavy feeling in your eyes like they weight a little more turning them feels clumsier somehow then the heavy feeling goes to the front of your mind and it feels awkward as well a gentle tinging feeling in your face and the rest of your skull like it is subtly humming, […]

frigid, words

his hands reach over the edge and with a grunt of exertion he pulls himself up always up down is death at every new cliff he hopes to see the horizon but all that is in view is another craggy wall to climb he repeats his mantra always up down is death the things he […]

books, words

i had raised her fingers to my lips the smell of books and ink wafted to my nose synapses fire recollections of lazy nights on the couch her laying on my chest as i read from one of the thousands of books scattered about lands far away blossoming to life we took a trip together […]

road trip, words

the sun shines directly into my eyes blinking and trying to make out traffic headed nowhere you are all invited join in on an epic road trip to the edge of boredom i brought snacks stale popcorn and warm flat pop a half eaten pop tart if you reach under the seat there may be […]

prattle, words

i need more than this spinning out of control screaming at the walls music doesn’t calm the savage beast not any longer chemicals meditation mediation exoneration past sins present indiscretions need company closure anything but this nothing falling falling losing grace sputtering out of fuel inability consumed by silence send help please break the walls […]

cureforall, words

four aspirin, four pamprin washed down with dayquil and my first coke in years a cocktail recommended by a friend hope it works been a bad one today staring out the window as the purple creeps over the blue the moon rises an equinox warm spring blossoms green takes over from brown atmospheric pressure pounding […]

self cauterizing, words

i am crazy all of these odes to love, to her, to things never quite in grasp all i do is scribble lies to turn attention from the insanity that grips me i am not the wizard of heartbreak i am the unloveable man behind the curtain spitting flowery prose to shine the light on […]

Dust and Ravens, a tale

He stood staring into the sun, face set into a grin tinged with madness. That unblinking stare continued for what seemed to be hours. His black suit was covered in fine red dust blown out of the dry creek to his left. His shiny head glistened with sweat. The treeline to the right was sparse […]