blinking lights

phone’s going dead

little red lights blinking

think it may be connected to my heart

the voltage slowly leaking

i don’t know what’s left to say

so fuck it fade away

i don’t know what’s left to write

sailing on through the night

the little red lights blinking

says the dreams are getting weak

tossing and turning across the bed

i’m sick of counting sheep

laying here in misery

fuck it fade away

laughing as i fall apart

same shit everyday

sick of sending messages to bob upon the waves

sick of thinking happy thoughts

pretending everything’s okay

that little red light blinking

says give it a fresh charge

maybe i’ll plug myself in too

what more damage can i take

and as the voltage courses through

i have no peace to make

it’s just trying to go to ground

i feel you little guy

it’s not the voltage but the amperage that kills

just a burning with no relief

my little red lights blinking

is it me or just the phone i honestly can’t say

but let us both sit a while longer

see which of us fades away


8 thoughts on “blinking lights

      1. Unless you literally have red blinking lights on your body, yeah… If you so, this might be the first time that I express concern.

        Liked by 1 person

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