work doesn’t always work out

he’s angry

doesn’t want to work with anyone else

forced to work with me

and i’m suffering from his lack of willingness

it’s hot in here

the stifling heat and oppressive silence

it’s beating me

and i don’t like it one bit

i’m stressed out

it wasn’t what they sold me on

but i need the job

so i smile and stay out of his way

try to figure it out

but i’m feeling the water go over my face

and i’m sliding down

unwilling to paddle my arms

it’s the way things go

when you need something that isn’t there

so you take it slow

hoping it gets better soon

but you know it won’t

the weights on your ankles dragging you down

so you give up hope

contented to let yourself drown

just the way of things

no one tells their kids it will be this way

try to hide the fact

that life has a jackhammer dildo attachment

one day it’ll be different

i’ll sit at a desk and scribble away

sell my poetry

maybe a book or two as well

and i’ll look back and smile

how i fettered away nearly every day

and had no impact

always on to the very next thing

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