cleaned the inside of the windshield yesterday an act six months ago i could not force my broken shoulders to perform didnt realize just how clouded ny vision had been until it was no longer refracted through the residue of resinous sorrow that seemed to linger over everything now i squint into the morning’s no […]

snowball’s chance

people say — there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell as if it is a bad thing but to me the idea of a snowball wanting so badly to attempt a trip to hell is a greek tragedy that opens up in my mind sentient flakes united in the hope of the perilous journey into […]

one can hope

the strippers are out of work in a pandemic fully clothed looking for jobs that will pay a couple hundred in cash an evening eventually transitioning to sex workers on the internet for the huddled masses yearning to be touched willingly giving out their crucial credit card info for a moment of connection. i don’t […]


there are leeches fat with the blood that carelessly falls from my eyes to stain my cheeks crimson thunder sounds there are maggots deep in the dreamflesh writhing with sallow misery in which to feast nature howls a housefly walks across the ocular orb’s unseeing surface with spindly legs in the jelly plumes of smoke […]


anxiety and depression have always been part of the recipe that created these foolish poetic meanderings now there is a sense of letting go of falling in of acceptance being accepted a burst of colors in my chest a lack of dwelling in the shadows tentative steps into the sun’s embrace without fear of the […]

entangled in hope

i was raised to see the monster so ingrained, nothing else exists wire hangers teach lessons the body absorbs the mind never relinquishes but in her gaze there is something more reflected in those pools of endless brown. i wish to be the he that shimmers in her open stare of affection to shed this […]


backed into a corner the coppery taste of blood runs along his tongue his pupils pinpricks his pulse raging in his skull his hands shake as the incongruency of the universe bears down leaving him with no choice so he hunched down into a ball ignored every instinct that had only ever led him into […]

light in hopeless spiral

as i lay in fever soaked nightmare her smile calls forth through the night the sickness claws upon my chest wheezing wet coughs fill the dark room around me she casts down her halo of light to offer relief in the sullen suffering no matter how bad it may be she is the hope in […]

blinking out one by one

the moon gives no answers the stars died long before we saw their light yet every time i look up a sense of wonder fills me in all the burnt out glory one day the constellations will take new shape the north star will be a wives tale no one will believe us when they […]

peace in our time

they keep their eyes closed for fear of going blind their ears blocked for fear of hearing truth yet let their tongues flap like flags in the breeze spilling opinion as if they understand what they refuse to comprehend and we let them lead with our shoulders hunched deaf dumb and blind with no willingness […]

pictures of you

everything is temporary, temporal anomalies, tempura fried wishes of permanence i spent the entire day in a training class thinking of you wishing i could move through time to be with you instead of being in the here and now writing poetry about you as i tapdance across the limits of attention spans when i […]


i hope your every dream comes true that your fondest wishes are the only reality that no dark cloud covers your smile that you are told every single day you are beautiful i hope your lips never feel lonely or sad that the birds sing sweetly to wake you that every meal is exactly the […]

she (is)

across the foamy waves on a continental divide of it’s own lies the one in which i dream as close as a whisper she coils herself within my chest within my mind speaks words of love that sends chills rippling along my being she is persephone she is aphrodite she is my goddess my every […]


tonight i sleep with the eyes of a shark, the smile of a crocodile, and the tongue of a viper tomorrow i rise with the strength of a lion, the grace of a puma, and the speed of a cheetah not always though i dream with the self worth of a battered child, the eyes […]

one at a time

all he has to do is hold on keep on moving head up there is a finish line ahead so many years of moving towards what felt like emptiness farther into the void into the ever expanding maw of eternally ever after the end of the rainbow another fickle lie told by those with the […]


i have an umbrella indoors this way when the other shoe drops it doesn’t bash me on the skull i put my faith in the wrong things for so long it just made sense when they turned out to be lies trusted the open smile of deceit learned an offer in good will is rarely […]


lenticular dismay strikes another beholden viewer, rancor and filed down to the bare nerve endings of another life wasted land fill in the blanks of trash heaped to overflowing prose into the aether that only seems to grow between us whispered words of wonder, whimsy, weighted with wistfully worrisome writs it’s all a game, with […]

death defying

hope is a trapeze but someone sawed through the bar love is a tightrope that has been electrified neither come with instructions and the audience wants you to fail because they know a secret the net is made from razor wire suspended over a tank of piranhas

whatever it is

he starts the car, turns the stereo up too loud for the early morning, puts it into gear and heads down the road with no destination consciously in mind one day he will find that which he searches for, even if he doesn’t know quite what that is, the specificity is secondary to the road […]


everytime the phone rings a sense of dread and misplaced hope a break in silence another intrusionary diversion selling more unnecessary dreams, death and dismemberment of emotional dependency do you ever wish you could hit that magic button and talk to the one you need to hear the most a blank icon that reaches out […]


the day started like it always does, not with a bang but a whimper of denial, the rebound headache forcing the reminder that new day doesn’t mean fresh anything blink my eyes and wait for them to focus on the nothing surrounding me this nothing a more familiar nothing than the previous nothing of the […]

the truth is not so happy

he carries his loneliness like a stone around his neck a wave and a smile is the best you can expect when i see him we always stop and exchange pleasantries sometimes he talks sometimes he just sits and stares at the ground and acts polite today he spoke i stay quiet on these rare […]

one way retreats

is it disillusion or confusion, how did it come to this, facing hard truths and the lies seem just as bad life is a cancer, we’re all just polyps, lesions, a legion of pus filled protrusions pinching a nerve and the cure is no better than the symptom i said the cure is no better […]

gravity is exclusionary

awoke on a desert island on a mountain top in a cave at the bottom of the ocean lying in a crater on the moon perched on a branch in the rainforest and in a box six feet deep and steady sinking lower my stomach drops as my head floats in a stupor more aloof […]

work doesn’t always work out

he’s angry doesn’t want to work with anyone else forced to work with me and i’m suffering from his lack of willingness it’s hot in here the stifling heat and oppressive silence it’s beating me and i don’t like it one bit i’m stressed out it wasn’t what they sold me on but i need […]

a little ray of light

he was a junkie and she was a mess he would go on a bender and end up passed out in an alley somewhere she would be crippled by fear and voices waiting for him to come home if she could fix him she knew there was hope for herself he had gotten hepatitis at […]

just a flawed jewel

my ex-wife isn’t a bad person just another flawed jewel like the rest of us it was as much me as it was the situation a swirling storm of unhappiness and debt and taking one another for granted i always wish her the best even if she doesn’t know it but she has the same […]

commiseration speech

there’s nothing sadder to me than the person that only posts inspirational quotes deep down in that person is a need to believe things will get better that they have to get better that the life they find themselves wallowing in cannot be the end of it there is a hurt there a raw desperate […]

thank you

‘it’s funny how i trusted you thought that you were different but when backs were to the wall you fled how you played at being nervous as an excuse got the attention you craved and then ran away it is my fault for seeing in you something special being drawn into your web for encouraging […]