red cars

every car in the road was red

at first i didn’t notice

did i wake up this morning

or is this a simulation

am i in bed

curled up next to her

sleeping peacefully

sated after a night of lovemaking and writing

not on site at a job i hate

already coated in sweat

why can’t i smell her hair with wildflowers and a tinge of sweat

too many red cars on the highway

too much indecision

filled with that sinking pit in my stomach

standing outside and wandering

am i here

is this reality

let me be in bed

not surrounded by red cars

it feels real

but wouldn’t a glass false reality feel like reality if done correctly

can you hear me

i’m screaming here

are you there

in one of these damned red cars

speeding past me


i’ll just go on with my day

my day dream

my waking nightmare

can you find me

rescue me from this hell



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