why i like tanka

i just like to write
i don’t think i’m all that good
but i still do it
sometimes it just takes a muse
to make bad poems seem good

sometimes restrictions
like when you limit yourself
with syllable count
i prefer tanka for that
or haiku if it says fuck

strips away the trash
no need for extravagance
just let the words speak
five seven five seven twice
and figure it out from there

a palate cleanser
for when the words go haywire
or life gets heavy
and you just need some relief
that is why i write tanka

don’t get me wrong though
haiku is okay as well
but i’m using fuck
it’s a personal preference
because it makes me giggle

3 thoughts on “why i like tanka

      1. i’m pretty sure it can’t be done wrong. i mean, i also write to make myself cry. when i read what i write, i either laugh or cry. i consider both a win.

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