tanka stack

the sun shines coldly a bitter light of regret smothering all hope as the sparrows sing softly i sit in silence alone insignificance branded on my aching skull a warning label tattooed by my shaking hands in lowercase dismissals

autumnal tanka

another refrain written in bittersweet ink of summer’s demise penned by quill of anxious doubt held tightly by fall’s firm grip

drifting into you

in another world lying in bed with music wasting all the day let me sing softly to you my heart belongs in your hands in another time my hand stroking your long hair your hand on my chest the sweet warmth of your body pressed so tightly against mine drifting into you the place i […]


it’s pure agony i am at my breaking point relief is hopeless cannot recall lacking pain it has infused my being my broken figure torn asunder by torment left huddled in bed unable to fall asleep no end to relentless ache

tanka of desire

i wish you were here wrapped in my cocoon of need my arms around you my lips on your gentle neck your warmth keeping me sustained

2/14 tanka

anxiety filled heart pounding against my ribs mind racing like mad cannot take another day lost in the depths of sorrow


the sky turns crimson as an arrow hit the sun shadows turn liquid blood drips across the ozone oceans rage, all becomes red panic strikes below flora wilts in on itself oxygen turns stale photosynthesis no more black mold ingratiation peace fades chaos rules this new reality holds the world goes insane filtered through vermillion […]

(un)titled tanka II

the words grow quiet or at least i won’t seek them as a waste of time there seems little reason to no one cares if they do speak if i stop writing will the world even notice or sigh in relief as i stop polluting it with odes and refrains of love

death rattle

this final week is like the taint of the dead year not quite existing the last dying breath rattles feel the skin begin shedding


the crimson splashes on the freshly fallen snow arterial drip one last chimney then some rest vision blurry in his sleigh shrapnel buried deep lacerations scar his face the price has been paid i.e.d. took out rudolph the war on xmas is done

sunday tanka

woke up tired and mad napped myself into morose if i keep sleeping will i find myself happy or just slip back into mad


it is haiku time not sure why, just had an urge now it is over. here is a bonus to explain the last haiku out of syllables. maybe a tanka will give me the chance to say why i chose haiku i like the rigid format i really just wanted to never mind. i love […]


i saw the cover for my collection today it made it all real notches by m ennenbach my melancholy whimsies


it is all going to be okay, he whispers though he knows he lies he doesn’t have to believe he just has to keep going

a dream, reality, a plea, a wish

do you ever dream that you and i lay in bed and drift off to sleep taking comfort together lost in love, in something more this world only takes but i still have more to give in your eyes i see reflections of want and need we could be the stuff of dreams things get […]


an empty promise made from gently lying lips given too freely no will to fulfill the words whisper worthless thoughtless odes

“Eels – Fresh Feeling” and tanka

the silence beats down watching the ceiling again at a loss for words the sadness seems to be all in a solo frame of mind souljacker up loud looking for answers to life the question seem moot but just once i’d like to hear some reasonable reply born and die alone moving slowly between them […]

“Alkaline Trio – Clavicle” and tanka

so many thoughts fly none of them fill me like you like this bottle here i’m empty and discarded headed for the bin outside nothing fills me up it all just leaks down my face what a fucking waste another vessel ignored left to be broken again open another let the liquid slosh about and […]

the world keeps moving

the cat sits watching as the mouse stares at the cheese the dog looks at the cat the spider happily weaves in the candle’s waning light a bird builds a nest in the thick bush just outside while the squirrel scurries a chill begins to settle as the moon shines down on all he sits […]

“Grieves – Faded” and tanka

another bleak day more rain and not enough light my life spilling out affecting the world outside and on the music spins out he said he’s looking for the words that he can say and i look around all i have is those sad words but the meanings seem unclear he doesn’t know how yet […]


come to me my love twirl your body to my song our danse macabre a rictus of pain and lust the tempo drives our passion sing to me of fire of the slicing of the blade crimson drops falling your tongue across the razor your eyes locked on mine our lips pressed tightly the taste […]

depression tanka

twice damn you sorrow depression holds my black heart squeezing like a hug taking all that is happy and filling it with sweet doubt curse you for this pain bottomless flows of sadness damn you bitterness leave me alone for one day find a new joy to smother i already know the depths of your […]

why i like tanka

i just like to write i don’t think i’m all that good but i still do it sometimes it just takes a muse to make bad poems seem good sometimes restrictions like when you limit yourself with syllable count i prefer tanka for that or haiku if it says fuck strips away the trash no […]


it all crashes down the debris of what was life disillusionment stripped of all facades now bare reality is a dream cushioned in sweet lies draped in another’s wishes lacking all resolve spun into false happiness doomed to live another day subtle injustice coated in honey and smiles hidden knives that slash behind ivory veneers […]

tanka flocka flames of hell

the rains keep falling warm and wet like blood seeping or perhaps like tears i wouldn’t know all that well i cauterized my tear ducts closed too many heartaches left to my own devices a lone fool wanders the desert wind howls away whipping sands to lacerate the rains and the sands hollow victories abound […]

lovecraftian tanka

the surface ripples tentacles search for fresh prey hungrily seeking the promise of a slow death beneath the inky black waves — sitting on the dock unaware of the danger dark ones awaken of ancient rage incarnate from beyond the stars themselves — nyarlathotep cthulhu and azathoth lords of destruction crawling out of the abyss […]