tanka flocka flames of hell

the rains keep falling
warm and wet like blood seeping or perhaps like tears
i wouldn’t know all that well
i cauterized my tear ducts closed

too many heartaches
left to my own devices
a lone fool wanders
the desert wind howls away
whipping sands to lacerate

the rains and the sands
hollow victories abound
rabid dogs snarling
vacant eyes staring downwards
from an empty throne above

keep your salvation
and your book of lies as well
i don’t need your rules
save your judgement for others
that grovel around your feet

i’ll forge my own path
without need for your carrot
your eternal love
made it this far without you
can continue on myself

time to make a stand
drop the absent father act
put up or shut up
answer the prayers you’ve ignored
the blood spilled and dying kids

or kindly fuck off
open the gates to heaven
ban the restrictions
and let everyone in
or at least in on the joke

the free will gambit
and the original sin
counter productive
at odds with the whole damn thing
just a colossal dick move

you have to see it
or maybe you don’t exist
just another tale
to keep kids from misbehaving
all of it based on a lie


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