morning queries

does the shadow of the anchor weigh as heavily on the mind as crude pig iron catching on the coral hidden beneath can the wisp of thought carry a burden as great as atlas holding up the heavens to slowly buckle the knees and break backs


i woke up in the middle of the night in my own bed lost that feeling has not faded where have i gone what have i become battered and bruised no less trapped here than there. i ask is there any difference. am i real. or has the fool fooled himself with the foolish hope […]


i slip in to the metaphorical because i don’t have the basis in reality to explain these quasars shooting through my brain i fall into philosophical because i cannot find the answers to the questions pounding holes inside my cavernous empty skull but i slide back to you because the light is so inviting, it’s […]


why of all the swirling doubts that fill the air like mosquitos on a hot june evening sensing sweet nectar the warm pulsing of blood it comes back time and time again why there was a candle in the window of the second story room the light danced sending elongated images of nefarious deeds across […]

worse indeed

i wonder if things would have turned out different if i hadn’t been such a sad sack of shit my entire life the whiskey the women the singing the words dating out of my league only acceptable when you factor in the talented tongue also the charming way i spoke how did i fool so […]


have you ever seen the edge of the void and wondered what it would feel like to fall for eternity he asked he could tell by her vacant expression and body language everything her lips didn’t say he quickly changed the subject

no one knows

if a poet dies in the woods and no one is around to hear does it reek of desperate longing or just go unnoticed does the world pause in the passing or continue to spin does the universe sigh in relief or in loss of so much potential she stood on the railing if the […]

oh well

is this heaven or hell, i can’t tell the difference that well, kneeling before the throne in supplication, or in a pit of flesh eating ants sing a song of six pence, a pocket full of lies, until the best parts of this child atrophy and die i sit on the wall awaiting the fall […]

“Grieves – Faded” and tanka

another bleak day more rain and not enough light my life spilling out affecting the world outside and on the music spins out he said he’s looking for the words that he can say and i look around all i have is those sad words but the meanings seem unclear he doesn’t know how yet […]

five seven five

is it possible to fall in love with someone from their poetry to peer inside them their words carved onto your soul pulsing through your heart infatuation from cleverly worded prose it seems so crazy but could it happen this meeting of mind and heart i wonder at times when the words pierce deep awaken […]

tanka flocka flames of hell

the rains keep falling warm and wet like blood seeping or perhaps like tears i wouldn’t know all that well i cauterized my tear ducts closed too many heartaches left to my own devices a lone fool wanders the desert wind howls away whipping sands to lacerate the rains and the sands hollow victories abound […]