“Grieves – Faded” and tanka

another bleak day
more rain and not enough light
my life spilling out
affecting the world outside
and on the music spins out

he said he’s looking
for the words that he can say
and i look around
all i have is those sad words
but the meanings seem unclear

he doesn’t know how
yet here i am wishing to
but they catch and choke
if only i could force them
make them real and reach to you

but the theme is true
faded like yesterday and
all the days before
seconds tick off to nowhere
and they bring me no closer

so just listen to him
maybe pretend it is me
i will be out here
walking along in the rain
wondering why it’s so hard

soaked down to the bone
scribbling these lines to you
wherever you are
understanding how he feels
singing to myself alone


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