Song about The Fool

Off With Their Heads – Clear the Air the first time i heard this, I put it on repeat and let the tears flow. sometimes a song can sum up a soul perfectly. this is mine. a beautiful poetic song about falling apart.

jon hassell is not appropriate bedtime music

listening to jon hassell vernal equinox it is serpentine the free notes of music combine in an aural snake orgy that winds its way across my cerebellum until my scarred pink skin takes on a diamond pattern of undulating scales my base grip on being human flees the crackling spine deconstructing the human being into […]


she tied the cords around my throat played my vocal chords like a violinist in the first chair of the orchestra of the damned sending my own words reverberating through the desolate emptiness of my personal concert hall playing my fears and passions like an auteur leaving nothing but blood flecked lips curled into a […]

blank record

i was spinning on endlessly spinning without sense without purpose without hope then she slipped into the grooves worn from time to make my soul play a song so sweet i wept maybe it took the right moment to find the music of our souls or maybe it just took the right needle all i […]


Dear readers Hello, my name is Mike and I am addicted to music and writing and Her. It could be worse, it could be drugs. So I have slipped back into the spell of Idles since they did an NPR Tiny Desk concert Thursday. I’d gone cold turkey for months and suddenly the spiders danced […]

tonal deafness

i am prone to musical obsessions falling into a band no other satisfying for weeks on end once kicked i avoid them for a bit afraid of relapsing into the catalogue of brilliance again so excuse me while i play joy as an act of resistance on repeat for the next couple days or weeks

music box

my heart is a music box capable of playing the loveliest tune though i had thought the melody lost to time with gentle fingers you wound the spring with a faint clicking sound although rusty the music sings out again to fill the quiet night with song

“NOFX – Vincent”

Been thinking about Mr. Van Gogh all day today. Understanding not understanding why the art doesn’t resonate. To you Vincent, and to those that love his works. Sometimes maybe, art is ahead of it’s time. Or parallel and unseen. From a Fool, to a genius. me


i used to have a harmonica it wasn’t punk rock but it was in black sabbath so i didn’t really care what anyone thought about it then i forgot about it moved to texas gave up on the dream of being a famous musician hard to be a musician when you don’t play an instrument […]


i have been to hundreds of concerts, seen thousands of bands, listened to years worth of albums but the sound of your heart, with my ear pressed to your chest, your scent in my nose, your skin beneath my fingers it is a soothing symphony to my battered being, a balm across my broken soul, […]

out of tune

she smiled like a piano i tried all eighty eight keys but none fit the lock on her heart i tugged the strings all i got was bloodied fingers and the sounds of my own fading soliloquy

“toyGuitar – When It Was Over (Official)”

this is the song that helped me to visualize the short story, Rain. if you have followed this rambling blog for long, my love of punk rock is pretty apparent. between it and jazz masters Ryo Fukui and Bill Evans, most of my prosaic prose gets written. punk rock isn’t pretty usually. it can be. […]

a drive

let’s go for a drive i’ll turn the ramones up loud we can blitzkrieg bop down the highway holding hands as joey serenades us into the sunset simple chord progression while we sing along driving until we run out gas we’ll lose ourselves on the open road

“Ty Segall – I’m A Man”

to my dear sick friend who’s feeling down with the flu soon you’ll feel better there ain’t nothing worse but music can soothe sickness or make you forget hopefully this helps or at least it makes you smile also a haiku

mellow dream

nothing beats ryo when it comes to soothing the savage beast in my mind and chest the fierce and sublime beauty sets my at edge mind to smoother land if scenery speaks to my sorrow mellow dream calls to my creativity sets my sore soul to sailing music has always been my go to for […]

“EELS – There I Said It”

no better way to express it if you want to be in the poet illiterate’s shoes for a moment understand why he doesn’t sleep this song on repeat in his empty head the fool lies and sings it to the ceiling when he should be resting the purity cuts into his being and rips him […]

“Lost Out in the Darkness” and haikus

some words mean a lot some of them don’t mean nothing i tend to use both kinds i paint with the one and i live by the other you pick which is which but know this one thing i try to never tell lies truth is beautiful so when i look up and tell you […]

“Eels – Fresh Feeling” and tanka

the silence beats down watching the ceiling again at a loss for words the sadness seems to be all in a solo frame of mind souljacker up loud looking for answers to life the question seem moot but just once i’d like to hear some reasonable reply born and die alone moving slowly between them […]


i entered the club with a secret knock on the bannister in the hall, shave and a haircut the dour hatchet faced man that stood like a pile of stones stared at me as i passed him i nodded and went to the bar, the girl behind smiled at me and got my order without […]

brink of jazztinction

thunder lizards on the horizon subtle shaking as they roam closer stark technicolor nightmares viscera a low upright bass off scene buh doom boom boom boom boom boom boom buh doom boom boom boom fingers run down the ivory keys the tyrannosaurus snaps a brush across the cymbal nostrils flared the scent of prey on […]

“Alkaline Trio – Clavicle” and tanka

so many thoughts fly none of them fill me like you like this bottle here i’m empty and discarded headed for the bin outside nothing fills me up it all just leaks down my face what a fucking waste another vessel ignored left to be broken again open another let the liquid slosh about and […]

“Grieves – Faded” and tanka

another bleak day more rain and not enough light my life spilling out affecting the world outside and on the music spins out he said he’s looking for the words that he can say and i look around all i have is those sad words but the meanings seem unclear he doesn’t know how yet […]

“P.O.S -“Faded” and a haiku stack

walking alone outside headphones in, try not to scowl bass rattles my skull steph raps to my soul as my hand reached out for yours but you are not here he pleads he needs more i feel the words echo deep hit repeat and zone lips move silently is this reality or another bad dream […]

“Beck – Fix Me” and a haiku stack

in my dreams you sing this song softly as we lay together in bed take my broken parts and somehow you can make them into something pure as i stroke your hair and fall farther into you and it makes me smile the world is so cold and you’re so so far away but still […]

gorrila killa and lonesome singing

today’s drive was about you my unaware of my existence love masked intruder’s most beautiful girl in the world sums you up to a t it says all the things i would say to you if i could whisper in your ear who am i kidding i would sing it to you in the car […]

bad brains

he glared stared seemed to be memorizing me from across the room it weirded me out a lot he had those crazy eyes that didn’t seem to focus but beared down like toxic sludge i was uncomfortable then he headed my way barreling like a locomotive i braced for the incoming impact he stood two […]

start today

i still remember the first punk rock album i ever heard i was a metal head, like everyone i knew and i dabbled in hip hop like no one else around me music was then and is now my be all end all but nothing beats discovering it so i was looking through a music […]

bastards of fate

music roulette was a harsh mistress this morning in my drive lost out in the darkness came on the sweet hopefulness of it had me happily singing along seeming to sum up my feelings as of late but then chesterfield kings came on and while it is one of the best punk love songs it […]

i wanna make you a mixtape

i wanna make you a mixtape old school love letters on a cheap boom box i wanna stay up with a blank tape in the deck and the stereo playing until that song comes on a hush falls over the room as the record button is pressed i wanna put all the songs that sum […]

she tells lies

once when i was younger not so young as to no better but young enough not to care much either i got fired from a job it was a shitty job didn’t pay well cold calling people with pre-approved credit cards and accidental death and dismemberment insurance basically scam artisting my way out of adolescence […]

new york circa eighty two

unrelenting uncompromising an ostentatious display of vulgarity an assault on everything you hold dear devastating in compass sublime magnification of destruction pimps and poets whores and hardcore frozen vignettes of wanton death and decay new york circa eighty two pma – positive mental attitude spinning your wheels in impotent teenage angst and rage play fast […]

notes, words

following the chord progression, singing along to my depression, my former flame of obsession the staccato drums and gently lifting horns, bass driving the mix, stunted and undertonal dissonance beauty in the beat, safe harbor in the lyrical longing, a reflection of my own dismissive drone reverb echo chamber smooth, soothe the savage bestial moans, […]