jon hassell is not appropriate bedtime music

listening to
jon hassell
vernal equinox
it is serpentine
the free
notes of music
in an aural
snake orgy
that winds its way
across my cerebellum
until my
scarred pink skin
takes on
a diamond pattern
of undulating scales
my base grip
on being human
the crackling spine
the human being
into something
slitted pupils
sleek forked tongue
heat signatures
the only thing
that matters
when the matter
of your entire
to primal instinct

next time
ryo fukui
before bed


4 thoughts on “jon hassell is not appropriate bedtime music

      1. I read that as thirty rubbers lol.
        I was already deep in the throes of thinking if they’re used they will not be ignored And how I might dispose of them all. And then I re read.

        Now I just trying to imagine a snake orgy 🤷‍♀️

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