new york circa eighty two



an ostentatious display of vulgarity

an assault on everything you hold dear

devastating in compass

sublime magnification of destruction

pimps and poets

whores and hardcore

frozen vignettes of wanton death and decay

new york circa eighty two

pma – positive mental attitude

spinning your wheels in impotent teenage angst and rage

play fast

play hard

punch faster

hit harder


watch the bodies hit the floor

it wasn’t music

it was a movement

ray and vinnie and civ

straightedge skins and junkies

docs and suspenders

inked up and ready to fight

circle pits

bloody knuckles and strained vocal chords

it was about taking down the status quo

the minors were the threat to the heirarchy of insolence

knock em down

pick em up

knock em down

again and again

anarchy versus the partiarchy

a war of words

the youth of today needs to listen to the youth of today

rise up

individual lives made better by trying to make all lives better

lose yourself in the double bass and the driving guitars

start today

go wild in the streets

small man

big mouth

do it yourself ethos

learn three chords and start a band

and burn this place to the ground


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