dawn’s rays

in the moments before dawn, right before the tendrils of light push the darkness back, that sublime moment of anticipation and fear what new horrors will be cast in shadow, the hidden face of primal fears and knots in sub-gastrointestinal distress will be shown it is a time of truth, where the machiavellian plots of […]


dancing from shadow to shadow keeping the time with the music in his head avoiding the stares, the mischevious eyes, the judgemental ones they wouldn’t understand this freeform flow of aquatic limbs on dry land the heaving sighs choking on air it is beyond their capacity for reason his dried up gills and dorsal finite […]

as the world crumbles beneath her

she’s barely holding on as the world crumbles beneath her the sun didn’t rise this morning it hasn’t for so long now she’s forgotten what the warm rays feel like everyday is filled with cold winds of regret and remorse but she keeps getting up continues to check and when the darkness is all she […]

new york circa eighty two

unrelenting uncompromising an ostentatious display of vulgarity an assault on everything you hold dear devastating in compass sublime magnification of destruction pimps and poets whores and hardcore frozen vignettes of wanton death and decay new york circa eighty two pma – positive mental attitude spinning your wheels in impotent teenage angst and rage play fast […]

acrostic agnostic

i need proof anything metaphysical disharmonics solemn vows unspoken hymnals fanatical leaps of logic faith and whimsy erroneous resurrection and remorse immaculate contraception neurologically speaking grimoires and black rites agnostic infidelity nature versus fable drained of virtue washed of sense agitated by dismissal narratives and parables turn a blind eye persecuted for lack of faith […]