acrostic agnostic

i need proof


metaphysical disharmonics

solemn vows

unspoken hymnals

fanatical leaps of logic

faith and whimsy


resurrection and remorse

immaculate contraception

neurologically speaking

grimoires and black rites

agnostic infidelity

nature versus fable

drained of virtue

washed of sense

agitated by dismissal

narratives and parables

turn a blind eye

persecuted for lack of faith

existential regrets

angular logical fallicies

careening madly

eulogies for belief

brandishing stigmatas



weaving webs of incongruency

illiminate indifference

longing for more

living with less

settling on hearsay


torn apart

trials of perseverance

lecherous and alone

esoterically speaking

fundamentally flawed

obtuse and incinerated

railing against revelation

deficient and detrimental

easing into purgatory

agressively judgemental

tied to the burning stake

hindered by doubt

prayers from the acrostic agnostic

left to his own devices

ensured mutial destruction

acrimonious and sanctimonious

stained glass and torn vestiges

essential ignorance


martyrs and madmen

bewilderment and belief

esoteric insipidness

grown from fear

given form

ignorant of consequence


granted power

yet undefined

omnipotent and negligent

undeserving of adoration


6 thoughts on “acrostic agnostic

      1. Are these your demons, I mean. I know what goetia is.. but what goetia is “this”? (Gesturing to your writing) you named them. And have you trapped them? You must master them, and I pray you have?


          1. I seek mastery this time. It is exhausting to traipse the eternal divide. I want to bring them to rest and help them calm down. I know that the world is ready for me and my own. It finally feels like it is time. And still sad and despair. I don’t know if my words explain what I mean.

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