circling round the drain in search of better tomorrows

drifting around the drain

the whirlpool of emotional dismay

centrifugal forces and insecurities in a sort of guerilla war frame of mind

hiding under twigs from oncoming enemy tanks

ghili suit of unsent of messages

half formed email dysfunction like so many discarded post it notes of longing

lingering dossiers

militarized pheremones

half truth melodramas performed by half baked thespians on a stage of teflon coated alibies

humming lullabies while the oceans burn

a sea of plastic smiles

turmoil turns tumultuous tinging the tremulant trombones to trifling trebles

ripped apart

dirgeful demagogues and climate change deniers

nothing makes sense today

my mind be swims upstream in hopes the tepid waters can soothe the ache

and still the prattle rattles on

and still the prattle rattles on

censoring the seemingly sycophantic and courageous in equal pixelated misshapen blurs

no words ring true as the beeps and buzzes form a white noise static

a hum fills the air

the sound of ten million souls dying at once

where are the bees

the hives are empty and the pollen goes unspread

thick yellow clumps suffocate the gentle blooms

is this the end

is this the end

radical reticules resist rampant rancorous regimes

death rays from orbital satellites

invisble streams of mind melting in thick gloopy ropes from unhearing ears

the polar ice caps

the solar beam saps

the ozone a no fly zone

and still the same rebuttal

deforest the forest

depopulation ripples

emotional warfare

devotional timeshare

irrevocable and irredeemable

volcanic disposition in subarctic climax

where are the bees

they were here a moment ago

i don’t know for whom the bell tolls nor why the rain has become acidic

rising methane

irrational disdain

circling round the rim of the drain in search of better tomorrow

all while mother gaia dies

all while mother gaia dies



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