dreams, wishes, hopes

i wished a gnarled wish dreamt a broken dream let my hopes become unfurled against a backdrop of nightmares somewhere in this pit of infernal sobs between the hoarse screams of the damned the skittering legs of unseen monsters lurking just within the shadows i found myself tucked away in the webs of misery that […]

almanac of bitter truth

hoarse screams rise from the dry well of solemn truth ignored on the heavy wind of tumultuous denials mossy stones laden with erstwhile memories she carries a pack of gum in her front pocket a knife in her purse walking unsteadily on high heels after one too many one too manys the night hides the […]

of anguished lullabys

in vincent’s madness he severed his ear in mine i offered my soul he let his sorrow dapple the canvas i left the best part of me staining the sheets by brush, by pen for artful disregard of anguished lullabys


in the echoes of memory stand the ten time ten daggers of heartregret the ancient wounds of unreclaimed reticence in the junkyard of broken hearts lie the eight time eight monuments to monumental failure drawn in honeyed dream in the hospital of whispered odes sing the six by six bloodwound choirs that scream inchoate rage […]


dancing from shadow to shadow keeping the time with the music in his head avoiding the stares, the mischevious eyes, the judgemental ones they wouldn’t understand this freeform flow of aquatic limbs on dry land the heaving sighs choking on air it is beyond their capacity for reason his dried up gills and dorsal finite […]

a flower a ship a forsaken

a lone flower in the heavy summer air it’s head droops low towards the ground too much for the stem to maintain a lone ship deep beneath the surface of the raging sea it’s bow broken and settled into the silt too much water for the holds to maintain a lone man at the edge […]

the torment of the willfully damned

i roll in the mud left in the wake of your alligator tears sprung forth from that well of incidental falsehoods you mine with intent to debase and damage how many times have i fallen into the traps you so precariously set in my path leading me into a sprint with your subtle teasing and […]

circling round the drain in search of better tomorrows

drifting around the drain the whirlpool of emotional dismay centrifugal forces and insecurities in a sort of guerilla war frame of mind hiding under twigs from oncoming enemy tanks ghili suit of unsent of messages half formed email dysfunction like so many discarded post it notes of longing lingering dossiers militarized pheremones half truth melodramas […]

lost in mistranslation

maybe english isn’t really my native tongue i speaks bits of other languages, a mutt of linguistical gymnastics, not enough to be fluent but just the right amount to offend perhaps i haven’t found my true language in the ocean of words that lazily laps the beaches of my mind what if the doctors implanted […]