the torment of the willfully damned

i roll in the mud left in the wake of your alligator tears

sprung forth from that well of incidental falsehoods you mine with intent to debase and damage

how many times have i fallen into the traps you so precariously set in my path

leading me into a sprint with your subtle teasing and pale white skin

the sun upon your breasts luring me into the open as the jaws snap down upon my failing flesh

i call you demon and succubus and siren and pain

yet i cannot ignore your calling

i stand ready for your touch as i hate the thought of you coming near me

shivers of revulsion and need course through me and i hate myself for needing that which you cannot give

will not share

you are a feast for my flesh and a pox upon my soul

coming back for another round of your devilish skills knowing every time is another brimstone soaked mark upon my mind

i don’t love you

but damn you back to the pits from which you crawled dripping sex like a black widow of perfect sinewy lines

you reek of lies and sour apathy but that scent fills my nostrils and i rut like a deer in heat

i hate myself for needing you yet i can never muster the strength to hate you for being my object of deflection

and that’s on me


13 thoughts on “the torment of the willfully damned

  1. Holy shit. I quit. Reading your words, I can see I have no skills or abilities at all. I’m sort of kidding. I see an alligator (or is it a crocodile?), she’s beautiful and exotic and somehow her foreign eyes lure you in, right past those teeth… until it’s too late and she snaps those vicious jaws down. Locks her jaw and spins, rolling me under. It’s violent and sexy and peaceful all at once.

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    1. i was taught the different is if you see it after while or later. also the shape of the snout. might be more the shape of the snout but that seems scientific and i abhor science and learning.

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            1. I have seen the way it works being a woman on here. Sometimes it feels like the men believe this is Craigslist and they don’t read the words and understand they think it is for hook ups

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              1. …did I get lost in our comment thread here? Knowing me I probably did. Lol

                I did just say somewhere that WordPress isn’t a dating site. In a private email like ten minutes ago….so weird.


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