it all crashes down
the debris of what was life
stripped of all facades now bare reality is a dream

cushioned in sweet lies
draped in another’s wishes
lacking all resolve
spun into false happiness
doomed to live another day

subtle injustice
coated in honey and smiles
hidden knives that slash
behind ivory veneers
and softly parted red lips

oh ignoble heart
with those absinthe laced kisses
seeping through my pores
she will be the death of me
this lovely vixen brings pain

wretched heart’s desire impossible to discern
she’s swept with hellfire
a vision of wondrous pain
an angel who lost her wings

forced to walk the ground
leading all to temptation
blurring all the lines
salvation lies within sin
and she encompasses it

don’t look into her eyes
unless prepared for the end
it all crashes down
the debris of what was life
ends with a taste of her lips


11 thoughts on “debris

      1. It’s just brilliance that spills from you mind. You have become my favorite poet. See, truth doesn’t scare me, running from growth does!

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          1. Mike, you have got to come to terms with your doubts🙂 read some Bukowski raunch..smoke a cigar, smile..and pat yourself on the back!

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            1. my problem is i read some poetry and then have to write, a constant state of inspiration. it never shuts off, I just need to figure out how to make a living off it so i can flood the world.


              1. Besides WP,Try YouTube? My youngest son made $5,000 with his music promos,demos. Then he moved to iTunes. You’re poetry can make you money. Sell it on kindle. The right genre will find your words! You need more audience. You will be famous!

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                  1. That is brilliance! My oldest son was the same way. Sadly, he stopped writing all together. Keep writing at WP more exposure will come!

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