his crypt is fallen into disarray

a monument to better times

fat maggots litter the ground

feasting upon the decay that litters the world around him

a tragedy out of sync

besmirched by bedlam and bountiful beleaguered breathing

he rises with the moon

a wheezing shambling creature

bereft of sanctity in a land of miscolored delusion

draped in a callous disregard for life

plagued by issuances and tossed about into the chaotic ley lines of desolate disingenuous collusion

a ghoul in the shape of man

a ramshackle caricature of livelihood

he has become a fun house mirror image of what he once was

malformed skeletal juttings and off putting angles forming a nondescript merrickesque parody of modern man

his outer shell now aligned with inner torment

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