a flower a ship a forsaken

a lone flower in the heavy summer air

it’s head droops low towards the ground

too much for the stem to maintain

a lone ship deep beneath the surface of the raging sea

it’s bow broken and settled into the silt

too much water for the holds to maintain

a lone man at the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking the end

his head bent under the duress of many tragic flaws

too many demons for one mind to maintain

along comes a girl with a watering can

gently tending the thirsty roots and give strength to the wilted plant

enough love to give hope

along comes a diver with an oxygen tank

gently exploring the forlorn vessel so far down in the inky black waters

enough curiousity to shine light

along comes a woman to the edge of the cliff

taking the hand of the sad man at his wits end and contemplating his forever

enough empathy to raise doubt

the flower, the ship and the forsaken

the girl, the diver and the woman

each not knowing what the other has endured

but giving strength with the smallest of deeds

i’ve been the flower and she was the girl

i’ve been the shipwreck and she was diver

i’ve been the forsaken and she was the woman

but who am i now

and this time will she come

all i know is the pain is excruciating

the walls are bleeding

and i’ve forgotten what is real


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